ABC Realty & Development of Ocala, Inc. ~ We specialize in Residential & Commercial Property Management. Whether you are a Property Owner or Prospective Tenant, ABC Realty has the expertise to handle your property management needs.  Established in 1977, we have proven, time and time again, that we can help property owners manage their properties.

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Lease Application

You must fill out the Lease Application form to get the process started. Once completed you can fax or email us.

Attn: Rental Dept
Fax 352-240-3482

Move In Information

ABC Realty wants their tenants to have a smooth move in experience when entering their commercial or residential property. Follow the instructions below and this will assist you in negotiating the stressful task of moving into your new residence.

Move - Out Instructions

ABC Realty wants their tenants to have a smooth transition when moving from one of the properties they manage.

Here we have provided instructions for the proper move out procedure. We know you will have a lot to keep track of during this transition. We hope this will make it clearer and organized for you. If you do have any questions, please call us at (352) 351-2121.

Repair/Maintenance Form

In cases of non emergency situations. Please see list below.  If you have an emergency, please call your Property Manager immediately. If the situation involves a serious water leak, locate the main water valve in your rental property/unit and turn it to the off/closed position.